Ranking system

Ranked / Unranked
Before starting, it is important to understand that a map itself is not ranked. It is each level of difficulty of a map that can be ranked.
Thus, a map with 3 levels can have only one which is ranked. That choice has been made to handle cases where a map has one bad level and one great.
So, scores you make are level related and not map related.
Scoring system (which we will explain later) is only used for the global leaderboard as the normal scoring (distance based) is already great for individual maps.
Q: Can I propose a map I made to add to the ranked list ?
It is possible to propose one or several levels of a map you made.
Go to the acceptance criteria page to know which criteria are mandatory for a map to be accepted.
Once you have read the acceptance criteria, you can submit your map by filling out the following form The team will then study the map as long as the initial criteria are respected.
Q: How to identify a ranked level ?
Ranked levels are identified with a star symbol : ranked map
Non ranked levels are identified with a circle symbol : unranked map
Q: How is the PP score calculated ?
Performance points (abbreviated as PP) are a ranking measure that aims to be more contextually relevant to a player's progression.
This system seeks to emphasize a representation of the player's skills rather than a representation of their play time.
It also prevents overly skilled players from grinding maps that are too easy for them.

A number of raw PP is then calculated for each score.
This number is determined via a formula taking into account, among other things, the difficulty, the perfect percentage score and the duration of the beatmap.
A curve is then applied to calculate the number of weighted PP obtained on each beatmap played. This curve is in the form of 0.965^(x-1) where x is the position of the map in your score list in descending order of raw PP.
Your final score will be the sum of all your weighted PP.

For instance :
Beatmaps Raw Score Raw PP Weighted PP
Beatmap 1 4798 321 100 % of weighted PP = 321
Beatmap 2 3597 256 96.5% of weighted PP = 247
Beatmap 3 2456 155 93.1 % of weighted PP = 144.31
Final score = 712.31