Getting started - FAQ

Q: How do I install custom songs on the Steam version of Ragnarock?
There are two ways that you can install custom songs into Ragnarock.
Option 1 - RagnaCustoms App (Preferred)
You can easily search and download songs usings the RagnaCustoms App. The app will allow you to see new songs, download and install with a click of a button.
Learn more by checking out the RagnaCustoms App.
Option 2 - Extract Zip
Or you can simply download the zip from the song page and extacting it to the following folder
Q: How do I install custom songs on the Oculus Quest version of Ragnarock?
The easiest way to install custom songs on the Quest version of RagnaRock is to install the RagnaCustoms App on your Windows PC.
Step 1: Download the RagnaCustoms App.
Step 2: Plug in your Quest and enable device access.
Step 3: Click “Check Access” to make sure the computer can access your Quest device. See image below.
Step 4: Download the songs from the list or using the “1 click download” button on the website.
Step 5: When you have downloaded all the songs you want to play, click “Sync Songs.” See image below.
oculus sync
Q: How do I upload scores to RagnaCustoms?
Step 1: Open the file Game.ini located at:

Step 2: Edit this file and add (copy without changing anything):
CustomApiURLs=" your api key"
Step 3: Save the file and start the game.
Step 4: In advanced menu, check "Allow Sending Custom Songs Scores".
Step 5: Play & enjoy.
Step 1: Create a file Ragnarock.ini save it anywhere.
Step 2: Edit this file and add (copy without changing anything):
{"CustomApiURLs":[" your api key"]}
Step 3: Save the file.
Step 4: Copy and paste this file into :
PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.wanadev.ragnarockquest\files\UE4Game\Ragnarock\Ragnarock\Saved\Config
(if Config doesn't exists create it)
Step 5: Start the game, in advanced menu, check "Allow Sending Custom Songs Scores".
Step 6: Play & enjoy.
Be sure to have the check box "File name extension" activated on your Windows Explorer (under "View") to see the real extension of the file.
You should not have a .ini.text file but a .ini file appearing as a configuration file.
Q: Where are custom songs located in the game?
They will be located in the “Custom Songs” album at the bottom of the song catalog menu.
Q: Can I play custom songs against others in multiplayer?
Yes! In private PVP.
Q: What songs are allowed?
Generally speaking, any song is allowed as long as effort was put in to make it an enjoyable experience in Ragnarock. The only time where a song might be removed if it is deemed overtly offensive.
Q: How do I create my own custom songs?
You can map your own customs songs for Ragnarock using EDDA, a Ragnarock-specific mapping program created by PKBeam. Learn more at the official EDDA website.
Q: How does the ranking system works?
You can find the details of how the ranking system works on the Ranking system page
Q: Can I submit my own maps for ranking?
Yes, on the condition it comply the following acceptance criteria
Once you have read the acceptance criteria, you can submit your map by filling out the following form