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"1985" by Haken

From "Affinity (2016)

"1985" is a standout track from Affinity, the fourth studio album by English progressive metal band Haken. The album was released on 29 April 2016 via Inside Out Music. Notably, it's the group's first full-length album featuring bass guitarist Conner Green, following the departure of Thomas MacLean.

Two singles were released ahead of the album: "Initiate", the first single which came out on 18 March 2016 with a music video, and the second single, "The Endless Knot", released digitally on 15 April 2016, just after the lyric video's release.

The band went all out to promote Affinity, even redesigning their official website to simulate a 1980s operating system in an exciting throwback, underscoring the album's nostalgic theme and leading perfectly into the song "1985".

3.5 (2)

justicejulie : Extremely fun song to play. Fills are very intuitive and authentic. Can't help but feel like a rock star playing them!

Anonymous: The BPM is wrong, its set to 120 when it should be 142. The very VERY first beats/notes are completely off, but it does seem to mostly straighten out later, but there's also some extra notes where there doesn't appear to be any particularly strong noise, they're just kinda... there tightly between two other notes. I know this is a conversion map as it's labeled as such, but like did you even open this thing in Ragnarock's map editor to like, even look at it to see if things lined up or change the default settings set for the map (like the BPM and Note Jump Speed, both of which appear to be at their default) or if the patterning would be comfortable to play in a game like Ragnarock. Your arms move in very different ways in Ragnarock compared to Beat Saber...


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