I Believe In A Thing Called Love
29 days ago

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

The Darkness

Rock Glam metal
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Song Request by: Roger_Deth.
Fixed a couple of notes that somehow moved up a beat...
Adjusted 2 patterns that wanted you to grow a third hammer
Fixed slight timing issue I missed in the original pass
Fixed a few note partners that refused to sit still together for the family photo (fixed notes being slightly off-center because it can be hard to tell in EDDA when they aren't aligned when not using S2G and required watching on-site preview)
Definitely didn't upload the wrong version....
Further timing fixes that my ears couldn't pick up on, thanks Genj0u
If you noticed any other timing issues message me on discord at Colvion#4246 or ping me in the ragnacustoms discord!
Hopefully ironed out the final timing issues
The song constantly slightly fluctuates in tempo/ beat due to the nature of being an older song, so I heavily don't recommend using bars while playing this track as they will not be accurate to the song
Totally definitely should be the final timing fixes needed...also fixed a slightly messy pattern I originally thought was fine but realized it fell in the "grow a third hammer" style of rhythm
Fixed the image border so you dont see glaring bars burning into your retinas

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Slash288 : Fun to play


(Drum sound only plays when this tab is active)
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New player by Ratzee


# player distance PP Perfects (%) Combos More Stats
1. Hopesfire 4652.29 64 0 | 7
Hit % Missed
99 2
2. FalseHawk 4486.07 53 1 | 6
Hit % Missed
99 4
3. Baelgor 4194.87 35 0 | 5
Hit % Missed
99 7
4. Xoanon 4126.57 31 0 | 5
Hit % Missed
98 15