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"The Endless Knot" by Haken

From "Affinity" (2016)

Haken (/ˈheɪkən/) is an English progressive metal band that was formed in 2007. The founders include multi-instrumentalist Richard Henshall, guitarist Matthew Marshall, and vocalist Ross Jennings.

The idea of forming Haken first came to Henshall, Marshall, and Jennings in 2004. However, they decided to focus on their instruments and songwriting before bringing the band to life.

After recruiting other members over the next three years, they released their first demo, Enter the 5th Dimension, in 2008. This led them to sign a contract with Sensory Records.

Their first studio album, Aquarius, was released in 2010. As of 2023, the band has an impressive discography with seven studio albums, two EPs, and two live albums.



[Verse 1]
We dream of places we can't get to
We crawl, we swim, it's never-ending
The crests of tidal waves are raging
The bitter lake is ever changing

A conscious ocean-covered planet
Of memories flooding back to drown me
Uncertain, lost in deep confusion
Is this the past that's passing through me?

[Bridge 1]
Close your eyes, stand your ground
Face the wind, never looking back

[Verse 2]
The ancient prophecy unfolded
Distracted minds ignored the warnings
Confronting facts to prove the fiction
Right to the point of mass extinction

We flirted with the edge of darkness
Offered ourselves unto the harvest
The shepherd led, we blindly followed
Into the world of no tomorrow
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[Bridge 2]
Break me down to pieces, and strip me of my freedom (Down back I fall)
I fall back on my instincts, but never know the reason why (Never knowing why)

All hope disappearing gives the power of healing (All hope is gone)
I'll walk among the breathing, but never understand what it means (Never understand what it means)

[Refrain 1]
We need a story to believe in
We need a hero to prevail

[Instrumental Break/Guitar Solo]

[Bridge 3]
Our design, shifted frame by frame
Across the line, our cycle starts to fail
Our design, shifted frame by frame (Our design, shifted frame by frame)
Across the line, we die to live again

[Refrain 2]
We need a story to believe in
We need a hero to prevail
We need a challenge we can overcome
It takes a tragedy to make us one


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justicejulie : Great playing experience! Tom fills are so satisfying to play. Really interesting patterns complement an all-around great track.


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