The Price
9 months ago

The Price C

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3.62 (2)

justicejulie : Really interesting and engaging rhythms. Satisfying patterns. You'll definitely leave wanting more.

watsu : The BPM is incorrect, so runes symbols are wrong making the map very hard to read. This is not a 10, more a 9 and only because of badly placed runes/patterns. The map feels very randomly mapped, some patterns makes no sense and are not intuitive at all. Sometimes you hit only on one side for like 30 seconds, which is very bad. The double taps are way to close to make them fun to play makes no sense where they are placed when you listen the song. And I played with a NJS of 30. I'm pretty sure that the default NJS is too low making the runes to cluster and making the map even more unreadable. I could say more but saying that this map is the same as having placed random notes on the peak of the waveform/spectrogram is a good summary.


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Player by Ratzee

Leaderboard VR

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1st justicejulie 7225.48 66% 9mo ago
Combos Hit Missed
1 | 9 99% 7
2nd watsu 7161.06 65% 9mo ago
Combos Hit Missed
0 | 8 99% 10
3rd drumnation 6835.07 53% 9mo ago
Combos Hit Missed
2 | 6 99% 10

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1st klainhz 6976.8 56% 4mo ago
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1 | 8 99% 7

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