Video Killed the Radio Star
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Video Killed the Radio Star

The Buggles

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Original Post date 08/05/2022: Due to the nature of this being an older song, there is a constant, but minor, fluctuation of the beat that I have compensated for. The downside is that using grid will not be accurate with the lines since the hit is not exactly consistent in most sections.

Quick fix to a weird beat consistency issue I missed

8/06/2022: Changed listed difficulty from 6 to 7 due to the constant beat fluctuation, further adjustments to the note placement for beat accuracy (now accurate to the 16th instead of just by the 8th) and minor adjustments to the outro patterns during the ending synths.

08/08/2022: Removed the ending minute of piano and synths and added a full fade out at 3:23 to end the song. 1/16th adjustments in some sections that weren't adjusted in the last pass but now sounded off.

Should be final fixes needed

Changes I made around 1:50 didn't save for whatever fixed for sure

08/10/2022: Fixed a bug that caused the map to be unfinishable due to an issue originating from me removing the ending minute of slow synths. Thanks Vred for helping me figure out the problem!

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