Your Soulmate (Undertale Anniversary Medley)
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Your Soulmate (Undertale Anniversary Medley)

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Undertale's OST medley released by hanzaki for the 1st anniversary back in September 2016. It's always been my favorite way of re-listening to the OST, since the songs flow so well between each other and the YT video has some very cool easter eggs and effects.


8 - Neutral Run only, ends around 18:20

9 - Neutral (the same as 8) -> Genocide -> Pacifist

HQ Audio

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a better quality source than the YT video - the original link to download HQ audio expired and the only other source on the internet I've found are the OGGs used in maps from the other games, which are basically the same quality as ripping YT. If anyone's got a link to a better source, I'd appreciate it!


(0:12)Your Best Friend
(0:31)Fallen Down
(1:11)Enemies Approaching/Unnecessary Tension
(4:26)Snowdin Town
(5:08)Bonetrousle (Trailer)
(6:34)Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap
(6:50)Dummy!/Pathetic House/Spooktune
(7:49)TeM VilLaGE
(8:25)Spear of Justice
(9:24)Another Medium
(10:36)Wrong Enemy!?
(11:07)Spider Dance
(11:51)Oh My...
(12:14)Oh! One True Love/Oh! Dungeon
(12:45)The Core
(13:21)Metal Crusher/Death By Glamour
(16:26)Once upon a Time
(16:44)Your Best Nightmare
(18:21)Home (Music Box)
(19:10)Stronger Monsters
(20:01)Battle Against A True Hero
(24:22)Don't Give Up
(27:40)Undertale United



This one's been in the works for so long...

I've started mapping this 10 months ago in anticipation of Undertale's 8th anniversary. Even though this song has a ton of BPM changes, I've breezed through those... in a mere 20 hours 😅. Then I started mapping some parts at the beginning, but got burned out pretty quickly and put in on the back-burner.

A few months later, Undertale's anniversary came and went, and I was nowhere closer to finishing then I was in May... I've decided to postpone it until 9th anniversary then, but I'd be lying if I didn't feel like abandoning it for good.

Finally, around Christmas, I had some more free time and decided to start working on it again. Since then, I've been chipping away at it bit by bit over the last 3 months.

Since Undertale is one of my favorite games and I love this medley, I wanted to give it justice, trying to give each section its own unique personality and to weave the game's narrative into the patterns. This made the work very slow though.

I don't even want to know how many hours I've spent on this map... Frequently, I'd just start listening to the next section to get a feel for it, and then 15 minutes later realize that I was supposed to be mapping, not just vibing 😂.

I was also struggling to map some sections in a satisfying way, so I've had to rework them multiple times and playtest them ad nauseum.

To be honest, I'm still not 100% satisfied with the full map, but at this point I don't think I'd ever will, so I'm letting it go and releasing ahead of schedule - I'm pretty sure if I waited with it for September, I'd go insane trying to rework the stuff over and over...

Hope y'all enjoy it!


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AWildPotato107 : 10/10 this is just incredible. If you have 30 minutes and are a fan of undertale. You've got to give this a try


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